“I pride myself on how I love my babies”
Dalia, Nairobi and Skylar
Photography by Maureen Post




The beauty in a trip to the dry cleaner, the gas station and on the road in random conversation on the scarcity of blue moon ice cream, the beauty and age of houses on Sherman blvd and how they both have a love for fast trucks



Darlena has given everything to her babies that she deserves and know they desires. A beautiful space that you can feel safe, comfortable and know that you’ll be celebrated.


“The way I honor my father, I hope my babies honor me.”
Built in 1921, Darlena humbly carries on the legacy of her father’s home her father once owned. Renovating, updating and filling every room with his legacy and the identity he proudly instilled in her as his daughter. It’s a home filled with confidence, acceptance, individuality, self-care, loyalty,love and free thinkers.
Her father’s basement space updated, recreated and change of color in her vision.
It holds life size photos of her young father.
And also testaments to the life he built, legacy created and love instilled.
A passed down appreciation for taking pride in your appearance despite the day, the age, the expense.

The room of self care that is all her own and yet reaffirms all the passed down daily affirmations of you’re beautiful, you’re smart.